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The first time Bacchus saw Cana, he thought she was a pick-up girl.

You couldn’t blame him—she dressed like one, after all. It was damn confusing.
It was a Friday night, and he and his boys had rolled into a private bar after they blew up their concert because when didn’t they blow the crowd away? It was Quatro Cerberus’s grand tour to promote their new album, and Bacchus loved the never changing routine—the raging crowd, the blinding light works, Nobarly throwing himself into the audience and Rocker smashing a guitar now and then.

Bacchus fucking loved the wildness to bits, and he was ready to get more smashed than Rocker’s dead instrument. He was ready to take whichever chick that threw herself on him, get dragged onto the tour bus unconscious to wake up with a earth-shattering headache and sticky aftertaste of his fan-fucking-tastic adventure.

When the rowdy band strolled in, their record dealer Goldmine was already lounging in a booth with a grin and shots ready.

“Congrats on the show, boys,” said the older man, pushing his shades up. Goldmine was a man well in his fifties, but he donned a dyed brown hair and dressed smartly in fitting pants and spiked accessories.

“Loose the collar, man, and aren’t you too old to be wearing a muscle shirt?” Rocker said with a smirk as he struggled to slip his burly stature into the booth, but Nobarly grabbed the guitarist’s pointy blonde hair.

“Quit being cheeky with Mr. Record dealer, and lose your bunny ears first,” Nobarly cackled.

Bacchus smirked raised a glass. “To Rocker’s gelled up horns.”

They all downed their drinks, but instead of settling into the seat, Bacchus stuffed his hands in his pockets and started scanning the bar.

It was pretty crowded—it was a Friday night after all, and he assumed everyone there were musicians or girls looking to score some cash by lending a night.

And he saw her, a tall brunette in a bikini top and low-riding shorts sitting alone at the bar. Her cheeks were already flush from the alcohol, and their eyes made contact as she ran a hand through her wavy locks that reached mid-back.

Score, Bacchus licked his lips, and sauntered over.

“Hey onee-chan,” he said, leaning on the bar counter, “you alone?’
She raised a brow, but smiled. “Nah. Actually, I’m here with my boyfriend,” she said, holding up her bottle of vodka and placing a smooch on the cold glass. “Ain’t he sweet?”

She was crazy, he thought, amused.

“You mind sharing your uh, lover there?” he said, and she snorted.

“Get your own.”

Bacchus leaned in closer. “Then how much will it be for your lover to lend you to me for a night?”

Cana stared at him, then cracked up. “Oh god—you—what, you thought I was—dude, chill your dick,” she said, and took a sip of her drink. “I don’t provide those services.”

“What are you then?”

“Why don’t you tell me first, stranger?”

Bacchus raised a brow, but settled into the stool next to her.

“You ever heard of Quatro Cerberus?”
“The wild bunch?”

Bacchus smirked in pride and motioned over to the booth where his boys sat.

“That’s them. And I’m their lead singer. Guitarist. Person.”
Cana crossed her legs and swirled her drinks. “Oh, the one that’s supposed to get all the girls, right?”

“Yeah, so care to tell me who you are, onee-chan?” he said.
Cana considered him for a second. “I’m a singer,” she said.
A singer. He could see that—she had that tone of a singer. But he knew he’d rather hear that husky voice doing other things than singing.

“Tell you what, I’ll buy you a drink,” he said, and motioned the bartender over.
“A drink?” she chuckled. “You’re a cheap man, ain’t ya? Well let me tell you; I’m not that cheap.”
“Drink whatever then,” he corrected himself, “it’s all on me.”

Cana’s lips curled up into a smirk and she raised her shot glass. “I’m going to make you regret that.”
“I might.” He raised his own. “But you also might.”
Cana smirked and they cheered. “We’ll see how well you keep up.”
The next day Bacchus woke up with not an earth-shattering headache—he woke up feeling much worse, like someone took an axe and cracked his head open. His drummer Yaeger dumped cold water on him to tell him they were hours away from their next destination.
Bacchus flung an arm over his head. Damn, he couldn’t believe that chick actually drank him under the table—how could someone that skinny handle so much alcohol? He grunted. Not only did he not get lucky, he passed out before her and he didn’t even get her name. Not that he gave a fuck.

But in that moment, his phone went off, and he dug the device out of his pocket to find a text.

Good job tryna keep up
maybe next time

The chick had punched her number in herself. Bacchus threw the phone back onto the couch and smirked. Maybe he didn’t have that bad a night after all.


Cana. Bacchus felt a strange feeling in his stomach when he thought about her. She was no different from other chicks, right? Cana, with her tipsy grin and eyes that glistened like whiskey under bar light.

Cana, Cana, he repeated in his head, because all he had was a name, a number and a drunk evening that he couldn’t remember much of anymore. She hadn’t given him the satisfaction of having his way, and maybe that was why he wanted more.
But what were the chances? Weeks passed and Bacchus drowned himself in fame and glory of the tour, and at night, when he sat in the bus, he would scroll down his contacts and stop to stare at her name.

And it was a few more days after that he miraculously saw her again.
They had a show in Magnolia, and Rocker had broken yet another cheap guitar in the middle of the song, and they were taking a minute to replace instruments and take a sip of water. The stage light was blinding, but he saw in the crowd those whiskey-eyes he had dreamed about.

“Cana,” he said aloud, forgetting he had the mic in his hand. He saw her jump at his mistake, but as she met his eyes, he winked and motioned her on stage.
Cana laughed and shook her head, but Bacchus began to clap his hand. “Cana, Cana, Cana,” he chanted as the crowd slowly joined in, and before long even what seemed to be her friends had pushed her towards the stage.

Running a hand through her hair, Cana tipsily climbed onto the stage.
“You stalking me, stranger?” Cana said.
“Should I say the same to you, onee-chan?” he said, then handed her an extra mic. ”My good friend Cana here’s volunteered to sing for all of y’all while we fix things up!”

Cana raised a brow, but took the mic.
“I’m getting paid for this, right?” she said.
“We’ll see. Now pick a song, and I’ll accompany,” Bacchus said as he strummed his guitar.
Cana grinned. “Let’s see how well you keep up.”

She began to hum a tune he knew, a chart-topper by a top entertainment company named Fairy Tail. She began low and slow, but as the beats picked up she began hitting the high notes like no body’s business, her voice attractively hoarse from under influence.
She was pretty darn good, he had to admit. Definitely not the skill of an amateur, and he wondered what the hell she was.

When they finished, the crowd went wild. She pumped her fist as her fist as her friends in the back began to chant for Fairy Tail.

“Fairy Tail?” Bacchus raised a brow. “Wait, you?! You’re a Fairy? Why didn’t I know that?”
“Yeah, I am, no need to sound to taken aback. I told you, didn’t I?” Cana said.
“Actually, no”, Bacchus said. “Think you were too busy downing tequila and emptying my wallet.”
Cana shrugged. “Mkay, well you wanna join me and the fairies for a drink after the concert?” she asked.
“Think we can do that,” Bacchus winked. “But this time it’s on you, onee-chan. And I might make you regret that.”

After the concert Quatro Cerberus came to Fairy Tail’s private bar to drink and mingle with Cana and the rest of Fairy Tail. They talked and teased each other.

“So onee-chan, what do you think of your new experience on stage with us?” Bacchus asked.
“Hmm?” Cana mumbled while she was drinking. She put down her glass.
“Not bad, but I’ve seen better”, She said offhandedly.
She walked away as Bacchus looked at her. He didn’t understand this attitude.

Suddenly Cana stood on a table.
“Who’s gonna go with me to the pool?!”, she yelled in the bar. Both Fairy Tail and Quatro Cerberus cheered in excitement and stormed out to the pool. Cana jumped in, and casually swam over to the hang out with the guys from Quatro Cerberus.

“You didn’t bring a bikini? Don’t you live here?” Yeagar the drummer asked.
“I didn’t want to go back to get it.” Cana said, and hooked her arms over Yaeger and Nobarly’s shoulders. “Why, you don’t like what you see?”
“Of course not, onee-chan”, Bacchus said, and laughed drunkenly.
The pleasant evening continued until people passed out around the bar or dragged themselves back to their apartments.

The next morning everyone was having breakfast when Bacchus walked in.

“Hey guy I got an idea for our next concert!” he said.
“Ya what is it going to be this time?” asked Goldmine
“Not what, you mean who,” Bacchus smirked. “We’re gonna perform a joint concert with Fairy Tail. They’re the big thing, we’re the big thing, so why not?”
Gold shrugged and replied. “Well that could work but I gotta contact their record company first.”

“Get on it!” yelled Bacchus as he rush out of the room down the hall to talk to Cana about his idea. She better say yes, he thought as he sought out her room.
“Yo, onee-chan, get up. I got an idea for our next concert,” he said opening the door, just then remembering that he was enter into her room.

“What is iiiit,” Cana growled as she threw the covers off to glare, only clad in a tank top and underwear. Bacchus forgot his words and stared openly at her figure, casually letting out a wolf whistle.

“Get out of my room!” she threw a pillow.
“Sorry sorry I will meet you in the lobby, onee-chan,” he answered.
“Just get out!”

Scary chick, he said as he went to the lobby to wait for her. But he didn’t regret barging in on her.

On the way however one of his fans a girl with a huge rack jumped on him.

“Come on honey, come with me,” the mysterious girl begged coyly.
Bacchus rolled his eyes and tried to push her away but just ended up making things worst by pushing her boob. At the same time Cana was walking to the lobby groggily and saw Bacchus groping the women's chest. Cana rubbed her eyes, making sure she was indeed awake.

“Is this what you wanted to talk about?” she spat. “Yeah, I get it.”
“Cana wait!” Bacchus said but was unable to finish because the stranger was suffocating him in her boobs.

By the time Bacchus barely managed to get out alive and with most of his clothes, Cana was long gone. He entered his room in the van and groaned.

“Why does she think I’m a two timing horn dog?”
Just than Goldmine entered the room.
“What's this talk about being a puppy?”
Bacchus observed his manager for a moment, before reluctantly explaining what just happened.

“Women,” he sighed, and Goldmine looked pensive.
“You messed up,” Goldmine said honestly, “but think I can fix that.”
Bacchus sat up. “And how would be manage that?”
Goldmine smirked. “Let me talk to Makarov and get that idea of the concert underway. Trust me.”

Makarov agreed to the plan and the joint concert for Fairy Tail and Quatro Cerberus began to be planned in a rush. A week passed and the date of the concert came.

“Cana you have to,” Makarov said backstage.
“I don't want to go,” Cana begged, taking another swing of vodka.
“Just go on and sing one song that's all and just do it. This is your job.”
Cana wiped the trail of alcohol form her lips and said grudgingly, “Fine. One song then I’m out of there.”
Makarov patted her on the back. “I knew you would do it. And here’s your cue.”

Makarov pushed her and Cana ran onto the stage. She exhaled deeply and was about to sing when the music suddenly stopped.

What's going on? She thought.

Suddenly Bacchus dropped in on the stage holding flowers and gave them to Cana, scowling.
“Flowers?” Cana clutched her stomach and began to laugh. “So not you.”
“Goldmine’s idea, not mine,” he said shrugging, and threw the flower on the stage without a second thought.

“But I think alcohol suits you more. So why don’t get this gig done with and grab another drink? I won’t make you regret it.”
“You’re an idiot, you didn't have to do all this.”
“Don’t women enjoy this shit?” he said, when Cana grabbed him and kissed him hard.
“Nah, I prefer getting down to business,” she grinned.
Bacchus wolf-whistled, and Cana pushed him in the chest.
“You’re a drunk dog,” she cackled, but he grabbed her again into a kiss and the crowd cheered.

“Hey have you two going sing any time today?” yelled Goldmine, and Bacchus silently gave him the finger.

Bacchus didn’t chase fairies. Correction: he didn’t chase anything. Ever.

Not now, and not back when Quatro Cerberus used to be jam sessions between a few high school drop outs. He used to be all crumpled shirts, hand-me-down amps and stale beer in a can back then, but he never wanted more. And now that they were served gin on a golden platter and girls threw themselves at his feet, Bacchus couldn’t want anything more.

But then there was Cana, a fairy-that-wasn’t. She was one messed up chick, but she reminded him of his content-with-less days, and for the first time he wanted to chase this funny, crazy, drunk woman.

Cana was the furthest thing from a fairy. She didn’t fit in with those preppy, happy little pop stars that wore stage costumes and sang about rainbows and friendship and whatnot. This fairy fell through a bottleneck into a pool of tequila, and clearly couldn’t sober her wings back up to fly.

That’s what made them were two drops in a bottle, Bacchus thought.

And when he kissed her, when they bickered and fought, he knew, he didn’t mind sharing a bottle with her.
Quatro Cerberus as a band
and how Bacchus meets Cana
for week 3 contest at :iconfairy-tail-fc:

It contains swears and possibly mature themes
but I disabled mature content
so that every who reads and votes has access to the piece.

Our team name is Siren Melody, just leave a comment on the journal with your 4 top favorite team entries :)

And great work to everyone from Siren Melody!
All ideas and writing were divided among the members, and I made some final edits.
:iconchildishdawn: :iconrhytimi: :iconsupercereal6:
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