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for the Team Siren Melody's final group project at :iconfairy-tail-fc:

The prompt was Medieval Fantasy
and we created 12 images that portray Lucy's adventure through the year, and her relationship with each Fairy Tail character :)

Rest can be found in links below: ENJOY AND COME VOTE FOR US AT FAIRY TAIL FC!

December: coming home :) December- Baby it's cold outside by Take-Kare
January: Gray Fairy Fest- January by LittleMissAiko
February:  Edo!Lucy February Reflections by Take-Kare
March: Gajeel :thumb371162410:
April: Juvia April Showers by Take-Kare
May: Wendy Fairy Fest- May by LittleMissAiko
June: Laxus June Thunderstorm by Take-Kare
July: Natsu :thumb371162539:
August: Cana Fairy fest- August by LittleMissAiko
September: Erza For Fairy Fest- September by LittleMissAiko
October: Levy :thumb371162559:
November: Mirajane :thumb371162544:

Great job to all my teammates :3

check out
for more info



Day 1: Ice and Water
Day 2: Unspoken
Day 3: Alternate Universe
Day 4: Teamwork
Day 5: Touch
Day 6: Pain
Day 7: Blushing
The confessions of an amateur artist:
Female body is the most intriguing thing ever. EVER.

I can't remember the last time I drew a male. (Probably Kamina's face somewhere)
Point is, girls are easy and difficult to draw at the same time,
and sometimes the sheer amount of female sketches I have is embarrassing.

But who cares?
Depressing for a first journal entry,
but I just lost two folders which contained a year's worth of sketches and drawings, and had to vent somewhere about it.

Did someone steal it?
Goodness no.
My carelessness had just led me to misplace my belongings in the wrong place, and now I will never find them again.

It kind of feels like the time my computer crashed and I lost a few years' worth of pictures and documents.
But this feels worse. Inside the folders were some very treasured pieces. The likelihood is that they were all thrown out.


Take care of things close to you.
Experiencing the things that happen otherwise isn't pleasant.

Well, I better get started quickly if I want to make up for the things lost.

Signing out.